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Partner in Life Science Industry


Knowledge and expertise

We are constantly educating ourselves and gaining new and valuable experience that enables us to expand our expertise and thus offer comprehensive services to our customers.


Modern technologies

Our goal is to bring modern technologies and resources to all patients who need them. And we try to provide them with the best that is available.



We rely on clear and direct communication, fairness and long-term cooperation. The goal is to join forces to achieve a common goal by building trust.

Who are we?

Archie Samuel's goal is to make new approaches, technologies and products find their way to the patients. Since 1995 we have been helping new products and healthcare technologies get on the European Union market. We provide both professional consulting, organizational and promotional services in the field of health care and also market selected specialized innovative technologies and products.

"Health care is an area that concerns each of us. The quality of life is a fundamental value whose significance is fully realized only when it is affected in some way.  Science and research bring new insights and possibilities, and we make sure that their journey to patients is not too long and complicated."

Mgr. Jana Prosserová




I am interested in your services that can
help our product.


I am a doctor or healthcare professional and I am interested in your products.


We strive to reach our products and technologies to the widest possible range of patients. Therefore, we are not limited to the Czech Republic, but we are trying to expand.

Our company is currently represented in 6 European countries - the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

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Where are we... 

Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, dominates as a city of science and research and has overtaken Prague, the capital. 

70 000 university students, 1/5 research capacity across the Czech Republic, 17 bilion investments in 2011-2014 and other billion at present, 400 companies with their own research and development - this is the characteristic of Brno today. 

In the field of biomedicine, many unique institutions have gronw here: 

CEITEC,  RECAMO, national nodes of international network nodes ESFRI –BBMRI or CZECRIN and many others.

The environment generates annually innovations and new knowledge to be translated into practice.


Our partners

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