Hydro Touch


Hydro Touch is a sterile, water-soluble lubricating gel that is used to insert a tube or medical instrument into a body cavity. It is used for lubrication of urinary catheters, endoscopic probes, surgical instruments, etc. before their insertion.


Hydro Touch is also used in gynecological examinations when inserting rinsing probes, enemas, rectal thermometers and similar aids. The product can be used as a lubricating gel during sex. It is not spermicidal and cannot be used as a contraceptive. It is safe for use with a condom.

Dose size (each package - 25 pieces)
    • propylene glycol
    • hydroxycellulose
    • cleaned water
    • Disposable sterile package enabling ANTT (Aseptic Non Touch Technique)
    • Prevents injury or inflammation of the urethra when inserting a catheter
    • It facilitates the replacement and cleaning of catheters, giving patients a better chance of personal hygiene
    • It allows more convenient application of catheters, especially for wheelchair-bound patients
    • It does not contain latex, it is hypoallergenic
    • Applicator in the form of a syringe
    • The date of manufacture, expiration date and batch number are clearly recorded on the tear-off strip of each individual syringe.

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